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Professional Plan Capstone

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Chesterfield County - Department of Community Enhancement


Northern Jefferson Davis Highway Corridor

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May 2020


The Chesterfield Pike Plan complements Chesterfield County’s ongoing efforts to revitalize the northern section of the Jefferson Davis Highway corridor. By focusing on housing and local economic challenges on what is locally known as “The Pike,” this plan explores community revitalization strategies in a diverse inner-ring suburb. The Pike has been impacted by the nationwide trends of suburban poverty and immigrant suburbanization, which present challenges and opportunities in the pursuit of revitalization. Striking a balance between meeting community needs and economic growth requires a plan that identifies ways in which both new private investment and the existing community can benefit. The Chesterfield Pike Plan responds to this need with specific policy and program recommendations that find that balance. Exploring the market affordable housing and community-defining business types along the Pike, this plan identifies multiple ways in which the County can develop each type to strengthen existing residential options while also creating an economic environment to support new business and residential growth.

The Chesterfield Pike Plan recommends seven major goals that would support a revitalized Pike for all:

1. Establishment of a countywide, dedicated source of funding for affordable housing

2. Preservation and enhancement of at-risk market affordable housing on the Pike

3. Promotion of the county as an immigrant-friendly place

4. Development of a multicultural public market on the Pike

5. Improvement of existing commercial business conditions on the Pike

6. Promotion of challenge-conscious workforce development on the Pike

7. Expansion and focus of public investment on the Pike


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