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Professional Plan Capstone

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Brianne M. Mullen


City of Richmond, Office of Sustainability

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May 2020


The client of this plan is the City of Richmond's Office of Sustainability. The purpose is to assist RVAgreen 2050's in its equity-centered climate action planning and to reach the City of Richmond's frontline communities (those impacted first and worst to climate impacts of intense heat, low-lying flooding, and severe storm events). The method and approach include the content analysis of ten cities' climate action, sustainability, or resiliency plans. It makes suggestions of best practices and recommendations for the City of Richmond to reach those historically left out of the planning process and to shift power from the local government to the frontline community (from community engagement to ownership). It includes lessons learned during the early stage of the RVAgreen 2050 planning process, as well as the ten cities' definitions of equity, stages in the planning process, and implementation.


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