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Professional Plan Capstone

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Henrico County's Department of Public Works


Henrico County


Ashley Austin is a 2020 graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University's Master of Urban and Regional Planning program. Mrs. Austin has an experienced background in transportation planning, poverty mitigation, and community revitalization.

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May 2020


Westwood is experiencing an industrial regeneration that will change the way the area is utilized by the surrounding communities. To be proactive, Henrico County is planning for the future by creating an overlay zoning district and striving for a multimodal environment to ensure the area grows in a sustainable manner.

This plan evaluates the study area, retrieves community engagement, and makes recommendations on streetscape design and public transit improvements to create a multimodal Westwood. Study area observations provided evidence that the streets in Westwood need to be redesigned to accommodate more for pedestrians and cyclists. Community outreach in the form of a survey was conducted to gather input on how the streetscape should be designed and what elements of the study area need the most attention. Results of the surveys and observations were analyzed and used to build the recommendations made for Westwood.

Various types of funding options are presented to implement this plan. Sustainable, connected, and integrated transportation is essential to success and livability of the fast-growing study area. The plan aims to supply the knowledge needed to create a livable and thriving Westwood.


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