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Professional Plan Capstone

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Manufactured Housing Community Coalition of Virginia


Richmond, VA

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May 2020


Despite manufactured housing representing one of the most affordable, unsubsidized housing options for families in the United States, the nature of ownership in many manufactured housing communities places families at constant risk of displacement. In mobile home parks, where a household owns their manufactured home but rents the land underneath it from a park owner, residents have few protections from eviction. Richmond contains 58 mobile home parks housing nearly 6,000 households, but poor park conditions and neglect from park owners has threatened the viability of many communities. In other parts of the country, residents have gained control of their communities through purchase of their park, leading to more stable housing, greater economic prosperity, and improved social health. Still, the purchase, maintenance, and organization necessary in gaining control of manufactured housing communities requires significant work.

This framework outlines the steps necessary to form a technical assistance provider program for resident-controlled manufactured housing communities in the Richmond region. In Richmond, a lack of available financial resources for mobile home park residents and negligent landlords illustrate the need to provide structures for resident-control of their communities. Technical assistance providers for resident-owned mobile home communities across the country highlight three key actions to forming long-lasting resident-controlled communities: knowledge of available resources, ongoing support for residents, and a high organizational capacity. To meet the need for forming resident-controlled manufactured housing communities in Richmond, this plan recommends four overarching goals to assist mobile home park residents in controlling their communities and erasing their tenuous ownership status.


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