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Professional Plan Capstone

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Northern Neck Planning District Commission


Northern Neck

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May 2022


The Northern Neck region seeks a better understanding of its food industry and how the industry contributes to economic growth and development. This plan examines the food industry in the Northern Neck to identify existing assets and missing linkages that can improve regional economic development.

The Northern Neck faces challenges to its regional economic growth and development. This plan uses a rural and regional perspective and interviews with local food-related businesses and stakeholders to answer the following research questions: 1) What is currently happening within the region’s food industry? 2) Can connectivity within the region’s food industry improve? And 3) What can we add or change to support the food industry? The plan outlines recommendations that focus on tools to support and organize existing assets, fill in missing gaps, and connect the food industry at a regional level. Current research supports the idea that strong linkages between local and regional firms and industries often indicate strong economic markers. Taken as a whole, this set of recommendations is critical for the Northern Neck's food industry to grow to its full potential and improve the region’s economy.


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