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Professional Plan Capstone

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Janit Llewellyn, Planning Manager, Planning and Construction Services Division, Parks and Recreation Department, Chesterfield County


Chesterfield County

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May 2022


The Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation Sustainability Plan seeks to develop a foundation for the first sustainability plan that will support the accreditation process and implementation of the Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation Master Plan. This plan focuses on long-term environmental sustainability practices, recommendations, park lands, and topics relevant to Parks and Recreation outreach and management.

The main goal of this sustainability plan is to address department needs for long-term environmental sustainability by analyzing current best practices from the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA), benchmark cities with implemented sustainability plans, and others while proposing recommendations per the Chesterfield County 2018 Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan. In efforts to further reach and enhance the overall sustainable outcomes, this plan supports the Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation department's environmental stewardship efforts to address conservation, environmental monitoring, health and wellness, and to promote sustainable practices to the community.

The Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation Sustainability Plan is broken up into "pillars of sustainability", which include Education and Community Outreach, Health and Wellness, and Infrastructure and Operations. These pillars follow alongside the NRPA's three pillars: conservation, health and wellness, and social equity. Goals, objectives, and actions are covered within the recommendations of this plan including topics such as recycling/upcycling, park maintenance, energy independence, flood protection, urban tree canopy (UTC), and others.

Overall, this plan is focused on a set of goals/elements that will help determine how Chesterfield County parks and recreation sites and facilities will look and function in the future according the a set of sustainable practices.


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