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Town of Bowling Green


Bowling Green, Virginia

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May 2022


The Town of Bowling Green is a historic, rural community located in Caroline County, Virginia. The Town is the pride of residents who enjoy the community and small town nature of the area. The Town currently has a small arts business cluster and sought ways to use that, as well as the Main Street Method, as a basis for spurring revitalization in the Town. Research Methods & Findings Today, the Town of Bowling Green faces challenges to its future growth and development due in part to the small market size available. Demographic indicators from ESRI Business Analyst show that Bowling Green’s market areas are generally older, although younger families are starting to move in, with a preference on spending on local goods and services. Merchant interviews and community surveys were also completed to understand the local market of the Town better. The following research questions guided this plan: What new and/or expanded businesses are needed in Bowling Green’s Main Street/downtown? How might Bowling Green leverage its existing arts based businesses? What surrounding uses could affect and compete with Bowling Green? The findings from this process showed that the Town is already in the process of revitalizing. A majority of the respondents had positive associations for the Town and said that they liked to frequent businesses in the Main Street area. The local support combined with demand for new businesses, such as a diner or breakfast restaurant, are poised to help Bowling Green’s future growth and development. Support for the Town using arts as a revitalization tool was also found throughout the community engagement process. The research findings are translated into the following goals and objectives. Most of these objectives focus on economic vitality in the Main Street area, and building a strong economic base for the Town, by using art and other means.

Goal 1: Promote Economic Vitality in Bowling Green Objective 1.1: Improve the local economy and economic mix Objective 1.2: Create opportunities to build the Town’s arts businesses, programs, and offerings Goal 2: Encourage Good Design in the Downtown Area Objective 2.1: Preserve and enhance the rural, historic nature of the Town Goal 3: Promote Bowling Green’s Main Street Objective 3.1: Attract more visitors/tourism to the downtown area Objective 3.2: Create more opportunities for wayfinding in Bowling Green Goal 4: Create a Strong Main Street Organization Objective 4.1: Encourage Main Street/Downtown area support


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