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Professional Plan Capstone

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County of Henrico, Department of Community Revitalization


Sandston, Virginia

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May 2022


Sandston is the second oldest established neighborhood in the County of Henrico, and the commercial corridor found along Williamsburg Road has served this community for over a century. This corridor developed during a time when Williamsburg Road, or Route 60, was the primary roadway between the City of Richmond and Williamsburg. As seen with other American corridors that emerged before the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, the Sandston corridor has experienced a halt in the economic development and decrease in the vitality of the economic base in recent decades. The Williamsburg Road Commercial Corridor Revitalization Plan strives to identify key issues that are stagnating the corridors growth and development and recommend solutions to assist Sandston in achieving a stable, healthy economic status once more. This plan focuses on three key areas that influence historic commercial concentrations: infrastructure and design, professional networks and support systems, and gaps in the market for businesses and expanded consumer base.


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