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Research Report

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Produced for the City of Richmond as a Transit-Oriented Development Plan focused on the proposed Cleveland Street Pulse Station. It also fulfills the Studio I requirement in the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning Program at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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March 2020


The City of Richmond requested a plan that will inform the creation of a vibrant walkable community within a quarter mile of the Cleveland Street Pulse Station. The plan will focus on creating a cohesive, yet unique, station design that will draw together two neighborhoods: the Museum District and Scotts Addition, with Broad Street acting as the binding element. The Cleveland Street Connection will provide a vision for future development and infill in the area. The goals of the plan are to develop a walkable environment, create a distinctive Broad Street corridor, and provide a clear set of standards to drive and direct development in a way the complements the nature of the surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, the plan seeks to preserve the historically industrial character of the Scotts Addition community while encouraging the organic growth currently occurring there, as well as enhance and preserve the Museum District through selective infill opportunities.


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