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Anthroscopy Techniques





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November 2023


Post-traumatic hallux valgus, a turf toe variant, is a rare, yet limiting injury. According to the literature, the deformity has been associated with acute medial collateral ligament tears, turf toe variant injuries, Lisfranc injury patterns, and first metatarsal fractures. There have been few documented cases of post-traumatic hallux valgus secondary to medial collateral ligament tears, and the treatment has been variable. Some authors have described direct end-to-end repair of the ligament to address the deformity, while others have described a modified McBride bunionectomy involving a Silver bunionectomy, lateral soft tissue release, and medial capsular and ligamentous repair. We propose a modified technique similar to the modified McBride bunionectomy, however, with the use of an all-suture anchor in the medial capsular and ligamentous repair. Our belief is that the all-suture anchor will allow for a stronger repair that will meet the physical demands of everyday ambulation and athletic participation. We used this technique in an individual who had evidence of a medial ligamentous complex injury of the hallux on MRI and failed conservative management. Postoperatively, the patient is immobilized until they can begin working on range of motion, strengthening, and finally to achieve return to full activity and sports.


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