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Papers written by graduate students for Assistant Professor Patricia Sobczak's Public Administration 656 Fund Development for the Nonprofit Sector course.

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March 2017


This paper explores a growing theory known as a culture of philanthropy through the lens of a nonprofit arts organization. A culture of philanthropy refers to an organization’s attitude toward philanthropy, fund development, and the effort to create a community of donor inclusion which can have a lasting effect on the organization and the community well beyond financial growth. Arts organizations are exploring radical innovative methods in order to create a culture of funders, continuous patronage, and community engagement.

This paper also discusses the concept of venture philanthropy and its efforts to change the relationship between funders and grantees from dependency to partnership, and how this affects funding for arts organizations. With shifts in funding, the growing competition for grants and private donors, and the declining funds for the arts from the private sector, it is more important than ever for arts organizations to prove their positive impact on the community to the new entrepreneurial, results-oriented philanthropists. Creating a culture of philanthropy is one way to promote positive change and growth within an organization as well as the greater community.


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