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September 2023


To identify predictors of neonatal ECMO circuit health, a retrospective analysis of circuit functional pressure and flow parameters as well as infant clotting values were collected 48 h prior to and 24 h post circuit change. Circuit impairment was defined as need for partial or total circuit change. Statistical analysis used multivariate statistics and non-parametric Mann–Whitney U-test with possible non-normality of measurements. A total of 9764 ECMO circuit and clotting values in 21 circuits were analyzed. Circuit delta-P mean, and maximum values increased from 8.62 to 48.59 mmHg (p < 0.011) and 16.00 to 53.00 mmHg (p < 0.0128) respectively prior to need for circuit change. Maximum and mean Pump Flow Revolutions per minute (RPM) increased by 75% (p < 0.0043) and 81% (p < 0.0057), respectively. Mean plasma free hemoglobin (pfHb) increased from 26.45 to 76.00 mg/dl, (p < 0.0209). Sweep, venous pressure, and clotting parameters were unaffected. ECMO circuit delta-P, RPM, and pfHb were early predictors of circuit impairment.


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