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Journal of Dental Education





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March 2015


Consistency in clinical decision making may be necessary for reliable assessment of student performance and teaching effectiveness, yet little has been done to examine variation in periodontal diagnosis and treatment planning among dental school faculty. The purpose of this investigation was to examine variation among faculty in diagnosis and management of common periodontal diseases. Twenty-seven clinical instructors (periodontists, general dentists, dental hygienists, and first- and second-year periodontal graduate students) reviewed three web-based cases and answered a brief questionnaire focusing on radiographic interpretation, periodontal diagnosis, and treatment planning. Response rates for the three cases ranged from 62 percent to 70 percent. Clinical instructors’ rating of percent bone loss in the majority of cases varied between three descriptive categories for the same tooth. Greater consistency in periodontal diagnosis was noted within the graduate student group as compared to periodontal and dental hygiene faculty groups. Diagnoses offered for one of the three patients varied between gingivitis and chronic and aggressive periodontitis. Six to nineteen different treatment plans (many with subtle differences) were submitted for each of the three cases. Inter-rater variation was qualitatively more prevalent than intra-rater variation. To our knowledge, this is the first study to document substantial variation among instructors in radiographic interpretation, diagnosis, and treatment planning for common periodontal diseases. Qualitative judgments speculating on the impact of variability among dental school faculty on student performance and patient care can be made but as yet remain unknown. Consistent use of accepted practice guidelines and greater consensus-building opportunities may decrease variation among faculty and enhance dental education.


Reprinted by permission of Journal of Dental Education, Volume 69, 3 (March 2005). Copyright 2005 by the American Dental Education Association.

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