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Physical Review B





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May 2015


Modulated electroreflectance spectroscopy Delta R/R of semiconductor self-assembled quantum dots is investigated. The structure is modeled as dots with lens shape geometry and circular cross section. A microscopic description of the electroreflectance spectrum and optical response in terms of an external electric field (F) and lens geometry have been considered. The field and lens symmetry dependence of all experimental parameters involved in the Delta R/R spectrum have been considered. Using the effective mass formalism the energies and the electronic states as a function of F and dot parameters are calculated. Also, in the framework of the strongly confined regime general expressions for the excitonic binding energies are reported. Optical selection rules are derived in the cases of the light wave vector perpendicular and parallel to F. Detailed calculation of the Seraphin coefficients and electroreflectance spectrum are performed for the InAs and CdSe nanostructures. Calculations show good agreement with measurements recently performed on CdSe/ZnSe when statistical distribution on size and shape are considered, explaining the main observed characteristic in the electroreflectance spectra.


Rodríguez, A.H., Trallero-Giner, C., Muñoz, M. Electroreflectance spectroscopy in self-assembled quantum dots: lens symmetry. Physical Review B, 72, 045304 (2005). Copyright © 2005 American Physical Society.

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