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Anderson, Minnie Clemens Allison, 1870-1927


Letter from James W. Allison to his wife, Minnie Clemens Allison.


305 W. Franklin St. Oct. 29/94 Monday afternoon, My dear little woman I got your nice Saturday letter when I went down to mail mine of yesterday to you – but no Sunday letter has yet come. I had a long, quiet cosy evening of it – a good fire, a comfortable chair and [_____?] for November Kept sure awake until after eleven & then I tumbled in and slept the sleep of the just. To-day has been bright, clear and warmer and there has been nothing to disturb the even tenor of my way. I am rather sorry that you are thinking of giving up your visit to Hazleton. If you can [?] the time I don’t think you need have any fear about the baby – After it clears off the change will not Be nearly so severe as it was from Richmond to Norfolk – but I don’t want you to do anything that will prolong your absence. I want you here – I want you to see your house grow into the semblance of a house and there are little things turning up every day about which I want your opinion. I think you are more than half right about any my not going to N.Y. for you. The house requires my constant attention and my [____?] also needs looking after I am in no presence of mind to enjoy the sights of New York and I think we can use the [_____?] on two dollars it would cost to better advantage in decorating our house. I don’t think I would bother about the sideboard or table just yet – after we finish our house and see what it looks like and what it requires for styles and colour in furniture we will know better what we want. I am sorry junior has been giving you troubles and [____ your ___?] – such things will happen with the best of babies – it was [___?] and indigestion – he was imprudent in his [___?] and ate something that he ought not – like his father does sometimes. There is no doubt about your looking tired and dragged down – and it is perfectly natural that your [?] even without your weeks work In New York – but it will all come right after you cease nursing you will be as pretty as ever but of course you cannot turn back the hand of time and can never be sixteen again. That doesn’t make me the less proud of you or Love you less – it was your money that I married you for and not your beauty - and altho you may lose your beauty you cannot lose your money. As you see I am very [____?] on paper. The coal is all In and Johanna is cleaning house for all she is worth to-day – expecting you home the last of next week. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wortham are going to N.Y. next week for a frolic of a week or so and are very anxious that we should join them at 5th Avenue [States?] Invitations to the Tuesday German – The Wednesday Club - Miss Louise Brauden wedding – and various other functions, have arrived and await your action on them. [__?] was of interest. I [___?] as fine as silk and if you were only here would be as [___?] touched as I ever expect to be in the world. Kiss my son for me and accept my adoration and affection. [edited by MTK & IR]

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Allison, James W., 1833-1898 -- Correspondence; Anderson, Minnie Clemens Allison, 1870-1927 -- Correspondence


Richmond (Va)


letters (correspondence)

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This material is in the public domain in the United States and thus is free of any copyright restriction. Acknowledgement of Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries as a source is requested.


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Original letter: Letter from James W. Allison to Minnie Allison, 1894 October 29, James W. Allison papers, M 1, Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Letter from James W. Allison to Minnie Allison, 1894 October 29



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