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BMC Proceedings


1 (Suppl 1)


Proceedings from Genetic Analysis Workshop 15: Gene Expression Analysis and Approaches to Detecting Multiple Functional Loci

St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA 11-15 November 2006

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August 2014


Clinical heterogeneity of a disease may reflect an underlying genetic heterogeneity, which may hinder the detection of trait loci. Consequently, many statistical methods have been developed that allow for the detection of linkage and/or association signals in the presence of heterogeneity.

This report describes the work of two parallel investigations into similar approaches to ordered subset analysis, based on an observed covariate, in the framework of family-based association analysis using Genetic Analysis Workshop 15 simulated data.

With an appropriate choice of covariate, both approaches allow detection of two loci that are undetectable by the classical transmission-disequilibrium test. For a third locus, detectable by the classical transmission-disequilibrium test, a substantial increase of power of detection is shown.


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