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May 2016


This workshop is a pre-award-focused step-by-step guide for newcomers to the profession, both in central offices and at the department level, illustrating an efficient and effective way to handle comprehensive pre-award proposal reviews, communicate with faculty, and make sure the proposal is ready for submission. Specific points in the process are highlighted to show where the various rules and regulations are involved, and what criteria we should be looking for during pre-award proposal review. We will touch on compliance with sponsor guidelines and applicable regulations, budget preparation, and much more. Handouts will include: A written step-by-step guide for initial (pre-award) review; a sample email communication to faculty to illustrate effective communication on policy or regulatory issues. Learning Objectives: Attendees will be able to: ● Effectively review proposals for compliance with applicable rules, regulations, laws, and policies; ● Effectively communicate with faculty on policy and regulatory issues; ● Effectively prepare proposals for submission with a minimum of problems or stress.

Day1_Pfister_ProposalHandout.pdf (403 kB)
Handout from presentation