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Presentation title: How to get NSF Funding: Proposal Pre-Mortem.

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March 2016


No one wants to receive negative comments from grant reviewers. So what skills and strategies can you build to guard yourself against such reviews. In this workshop, we will discuss grant panelist comments from various sponsors, and the range of decisions that must be made when faced with some of the most challenging concerns: conflicting comments; vague comments; critique about science that is well-justified in the narrative; etc. Workshop participants will then work small groups to meet two objectives. First, attendees will analyze reviewer comments to develop a response strategy. Participants can bring their own comments and questions for feedback from the group/moderators. Second, in light of the reviewers’ comments, investigators will discuss how to look ahead and assess the ways in which the proposed projects could fail at the review stage. They will create a pre-submission grant writing plan to navigate around such critique. This workshop is limited to 20 participants