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Presentation given for session: Your Grad Student Will Do It!: Training for Graduate Assistants in How to Find, Evaluate, and Prepare Funding Opportunities For Your Research Program.

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May 2016


It is often difficult for graduate students to engage in formal and long-term grant writing training. However, there are several ways that students can build critical grantsmanship skills while making a meaningful contribution to their mentors' plans for extramural funding. In this workshop, graduate assistants will learn how to critically research funders and funding opportunities on behalf of their faculty mentors. Participants will bring a project plan or idea to the session, and will be led through a series of activities to test various search tools to identify potential sponsors; review sponsors' information (e.g. website, past awards) to assess fit with the agency's priorities; and conduct a “deep read” of funding announcements. Participants will also learn strategies for regularly reporting funding opportunities to their mentors. All attendees should bring their laptops.