Racial Equity in Richmond: Episode 4: Equitable Green Spaces


Racial Equity in Richmond: Episode 4: Equitable Green Spaces


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Interview series, part of the Richmond Racial Equity Essays project. In this podcast, urban planner and diversity, equity and inclusion consultant Ebony Walden talks with 15 Richmonders from all walks of life and sectors to explore their visions for an equitable Richmond, especially as it relates to racial equity, and the strategies that will help us get there. We hope this can be a model for discussion in other U.S. cities.

Ted Elmore:

Ted Elmore is passionate about design, urban spaces, celebrating the richness of Richmond, and bringing people together. After 15 years of practicing corporate finance law, he now leads the ambitious BridgePark project, a community effort to bring a unique gathering, connective, and educational space to the James River and downtown Richmond. Inspired by The High Line in New York City, BridgePark will be a symbol of Richmond's future and a new model for creating public space in America.

Sheri Shannon:

Sheri Shannon is the owner and director of Shannon Strategies, a communications firm that specializes in campaigns for the greater good. She also hosts Women and Politics on WRIR, a radio program that spotlights women engaging in politics and their communities. Sheri is the co-founder of Hull Street Action and Southside ReLeaf, and was also featured as an “Eco Hero” by Glamour magazine. She is committed to the fight for environmental and economic justice so everyone has a clean, healthy and safe space to live, work, learn and pray. Sheri is based in the Richmond, Va. area. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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December 2021


Richmond Racial Equity Essays


The BridgePark Foundation’s Ted Elmore and Southside ReLeaf’s Sheri Shannon discuss barriers and solutions to green space and environmental equity in Richmond.


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Racial Equity in Richmond: Episode 4: Equitable Green Spaces