Racial Equity in Richmond: Episode 2: Housing and Community Health


Racial Equity in Richmond: Episode 2: Housing and Community Health


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Interview series, part of the Richmond Racial Equity Essays project. In this podcast, urban planner and diversity, equity and inclusion consultant Ebony Walden talks with 15 Richmonders from all walks of life and sectors to explore their visions for an equitable Richmond, especially as it relates to racial equity, and the strategies that will help us get there. We hope this can be a model for discussion in other U.S. cities.

Patrice Shelton:

Patrice Shelton is the founder and Executive Director of Hillside Court Partnership, Certified Community Health Worker Senior for Virginia Department of Health/Richmond City Health District. She moved to Hillside Court 2010 where she does her community work today. She has launched more than 14 groups and teams in Hillside. She is seated on the Board of Commissioner for RRHA, Maggie L. Walker Poverty Board, RVA Thrives, Central VA Legal Aid Society Secretary, Client Council (CVLASCC) and a member of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. She was also a fellow for RMHF 3/2018 to 2/2019. She is a former Board Member of the following: Hillside Court Resident/Tenant Council President, and the Former Vice President for Richmond Tenant Organization (RTO), Legal Aid Justice Center, and Former President of the Central VA Legal Aid Society Client Council.

Sherrell Thompson:

Sherrell Thompson is a 42 year old mother of three who has spent the last 9 years working in Gilpin Court. She has a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and is now employed by RRHA. She is also a Certified Community Health Worker. She is a graduate of Leadership Metro Richmond Class of 2020 and on the board of Northside Strong, CHW(Community Health Worker) Association, Richmond Public Schools Head Start Policy Council, and a member of Circles RVA. She loves to travel, have fun, and help others.

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December 2021


Richmond Racial Equity Essays


Patrice Shelton and Sherrell Thompson converse with Ebony about their personal and professional experiences with public housing and as community health workers. From their perspective, racial equity requires better access to health resources and affordable housing for low to moderate income Richmonders.


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Racial Equity in Richmond: Episode 2: Housing and Community Health