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The Scope showcases student-produced news articles about research and researchers at VCU.

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June 2017


Collection of all 2016 articles from The Scope.

About The Scope

This magazine was produced by students in Science Journalism (MASC 491-005), which was taught during the Fall 2016 semester by Jeff South, an associate professor in the Robertson School of Media and Culture at Virginia Commonwealth University, and Sara Williams, head of academic outreach for VCU Libraries.

The course, VCU’s first focusing exclusively on science reporting, was supported by a grant that funds projects aligned with VCU’s strategic plan, called Quest for Distinction. VCU selected the Science Journalism course as a “disruptively innovative idea” and as a way for students to “make it real.” The Quest Innovation Grant funded the publication of this magazine as well as other aspects of the course.

The course brought together students from a range of disciplines. The goal was to help journalism and other mass communication majors think like scientists, and to help students in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) write like journalists. We believe the stories demonstrate that the course was a success.


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