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Primary download file is in .html format and is viewable within a web browser. HTML files includes code, output, and interactive plots.

Supplemental content includes three files:

  1. PDF derivative of the .html file
  2. Text derivative of the .html file
  3. R markdown script used to generate the .html file

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This data accompanies "Principal Component Analysis and Optimization: A Tutorial" by Robert Reris and J. Paul Brooks, presented at the 2015 INFORMS Computing Society Conference, Operations Research and Computing: Algorithms and Software for Analytics, Richmond, Virginia January 11-13, 2015.

The data contains R code, output, and comments that follow the examples for principal component analysis in the paper.

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20141125_RCode.pdf (214 kB)
PDF derivative of html file

20141125_RCode.txt (6 kB)
Text derivative of html file

20141125pcaCode.Rmd (3 kB)
R markdown script used to generate the .html file