Come and Get Your Capital Sis: How Does Twitter Help Black Women Increase Their Social Capital [online video]

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Entrant, 4th Annual VCU 3MT® Competition, held on October 18-19, 2018.


How does Twitter help black women increase their social capital?


Good afternoon everyone, what you are looking at is how we’re potentially all connected. But I’ll get back to that. I’d say everyone here uses social media right? Right? Some more than others...Well my favorite is Twitter. I use Twitter to comment on my favorite show and sometimes I use Twitter to find resources on how to survive grad school. Judging by the 350 million daily users and 500 million dailly tweets, I’d say people like Twitter too. In my research I’m going to explore how Black women, specifically, use Twitter to find information on how to get opportunities in their field. And I think it’s important that I’m studying Black women because we are often disadvantaged because of not only our race but our gender too, due to systemic racism and sexism and to be honest not having the same social capital and opportunities as white men. What you are looking at here are nodes and so with each potential node is a source of connection that we can all reach to and think about to use as a way to connect with others. These people can show us different opportunities in our field as well as increase our social capital. Using a mixed methods approach of in- depth interviews and social network analysis also known as SNA, I’m going to analyze hashtags such as reignyday jobs and see how many people are actually like searching for these jobs. And then after that I will pick a few connections within the network, and interview them to see how successful they been in finding a job or just increasing their social capital in general. In today’s world it’s really important that we think about how social media can influence our social capital, especially when the traditional white old males club has access that disadvantage groups may not have. So just whenever you’re on Twitter, remember that it’s never just a tweet. And Happy Twitter!


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