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Polyamory (or “Poly”) is an alternative way that people conduct their relationships. My research was aimed at discovering what role relationship structure has to an individual’s identity. In this presentation, identity is defined as characteristics, beliefs and behaviors that make up a person’s self-image. To answer this question, I conducted a small case study involving personal interviews to find out how personal relationship structure played a role to their individual identities, particularly in the case of Polyamorous relationships. According to my findings, it seems that relationship structure has its own orientation, separate from sexual or gender orientation. The importance of this orientation varies on personal opinion from individual to individual, but that does not make relationship orientation insignificant because it still exists as a characteristic of a person’s identity.

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Psychology, Sociology

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Elizabeth Kreydatus


Virginia Commonwealth University. Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

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The Fluidity of Human Intimacy: A Look at Relationship Orientation and Identity with a Focus on Polyamory