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VCUarts New Media Project as a class that connects students in a variety of school departments together to make a web series. This web series is similar to a television show as we create five short episodes , that add up to a thirty minute pilot show . This class is the only one at VCU and addresses television and web show creation. This class builds future television content creators. Students in the class currently come from the Theater Department, Kinetic Imaging, Film and Photography, and Richard T. Robertson school of Media and Culture. We are making content that is original work, we are writers, editors, film crew and actors. We come in early before class and stay late to create original work that has gone through the process of copyrighting and in the Writers Guild of America. This cross culture class is researching the process of a viral video. Watching and doing work similar to a web series on the Internet today. We encompass social media, engaging in local businesses, as we partner up for locations and promotions. Currently we have worked with the Lair and Sugar Shack Donuts. We read works of successful television writers and creators we hope to build work the reflects and challenges the way people watch video content. In our current work, the series we are creating is “Imaginerapy,” a group of people “breathers” meet in a therapy group to discuss having a life with a imagery friend “figment”. The imagery befriended fall in love and realize who they truly are. As a producer and script supervisor in the class, I see and learn every aspect of the program. Leading in planning a shooting schedule, connecting with businesses, and playing the extra. The professors of the program work as the network do review the finish product before it airs. The web series will be online by April this year, and from this present we will be able to find out how a web series gets a buzz, how to we engage with viewers and what people like to see when watching online content. The product we are making in this class provides research in the future of visual content.

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New Media, Web Series, Mass Communications, Theater, Web, Art

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Wesley Broulik

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Gary Gillam

New Media: Web Series, Creating and Sharing