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Despite the progressively modern trend towards gender equality, gender roles and gender stereotypes are still the underlying causes of numerous social problems. The prevalence of gender roles is evident from birth when the gender of the baby determines the treatment every child henceforth receives. This research analyzes how the parents or parent, unbeknownst to even themselves, subconsciously enforce gender roles on their offspring. By examining the dynamic between the parents and the interactions with their offspring, researchers have found evidence of latent parental behaviors and patterns that affect gender roles and gender stereotypes. The evidence illustrates a cycle of gender schemas that are passed from the parent to the child, this pattern is repeated continuously through the future generations. The research also indicates how this cycle, usually continued by the father, is an albatross to society as it also carries with it destructive behaviors, gender confusion, gender oppression and a gender binary. The cycle can only be stopped if the subliminal pressures attached to gender are eliminated. Until parents understand their involvement in enforcing strict gender binaries, they will continue to not only be a burden on their children, but also contribute to the struggles other children face as a result of gender stereotypes and confusion.

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The Subtle Role of Parenting  in Gender Role Formation