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In the Republic of Guatemala, poverty is a widespread and ongoing problem. Approximately 51 percent of the population lives in the rural area, and the rural population is responsible for a large majority of the countries poorest people. Spending time in this completely underdeveloped country has been truly humbling experience. From my time at the preschool, realizing that their bathrooms were out-houses to eating several meals in the homes of the families realizing that they hardly have electricity, I got to understand exactly how this population lives on a daily basis. Young people are the most at risk and the most vulnerable in these highly concentrated among these indigenous countries. They account for over 40 percent of the total population. A recent government figure indicates that 7 of 10 people of indigenous decent live in poverty. Solving the problem of poverty has been a long unsuccessful process however if the problem were to get solved, it could open up completely new doors for the civilization.

The purpose of this research is to find a potential solution to the ongoing problem of poverty in Guatemala. Guatemala is currently ranked 131 out 187 countries on the United Nations Development program. This program is a comparative measure of life expectancy, literacy, education and general standards of living for countries around the world. I think by attacking these aspects individually it would be a great start to solving this problem. Currently Guatemala has been capitalizing on its substantial natural resources and its climate advantages. Technoserve has been strengthening the coffee value chain, which has significantly helped existing agricultural businesses. This in turn has generated more jobs and steady incomes for poor rural producers. By partnering with over 12,000 small producers, Technoserve has promoted change across the coffee, biodiesel and vegetable markets in Guatemala. By utilizing the strengths of this country, they can continue to grow and stabilize their economy opening up endless possibilities.

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A solution to poverty in the Republic of Guatemala