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People have been using cosmetics for thousands of years. In fact, certain forms of makeup such as kohl eyeliner which can still be found and used today, were even once used by the ancient Egyptians. Even today, cosmetics use is extremely widespread, perhaps even more so now than before. After conducting extensive research, I decided to argue that the use of cosmetics has negatively influenced the self-image of modern American women in a research project. I chose to argue this because doing makeup has been an interesting hobby to me for about 4 years now and I thought that arguing against the positive effects of the use of makeup would be more of a challenge for me and something I was interested in learning more about. This research project required me to write a 1,250-1,750 word researched essay in which I had to make an ethical argument about this topic. I also learned various new concepts and ideas which I employed in my writing and other relevant assignments, such as addressing and refuting counter arguments, making a video to visually illustrate my points, and intertwining my personal experiences with makeup with other research.

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Cosmetics Use and Self-Image Among Contemporary American Women