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Nanomedicine is a type of nanotechnology used in the medical field to limit the dosage amount and target drug delivery to specific cells. Nanomedicines that are approved and used tend to be extremely successful; however despite over a decade of research, only a limited number of nanomedicines have advanced for clinical use. A possible reason for the numerous nanomedicine failures is lack of easily accessible information and research on previous nanomedicines. In this project, we have compiled nanomedicine labeling information from the Drugs@FDA website. We have extracted phrases/sentences from labels relating to keywords on nanomaterial properties and drug profile characteristics. In the future, we plan to incorporate discontinued nanomedicines, nanomedicines on the market, and nanomedicines in different clinical trial phases. By compiling the descriptions and contents of a set of specific nanomedicines, a machine learning program could be developed to comb through literature and automatically identify similar nanomedicine related entities. Our research works to provide an easier and quicker method to obtain specific information on approved nanomedicines.

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Chemical Engineering


nanomedicine, database, nanoparticles, nanotechnology, annotation


Biochemical and Biomolecular Engineering | Nanomedicine | Other Chemical Engineering

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Nastassja Lewinski


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Creation of an Annotated Library on FDA Approved Nanomedicines