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With the rapid development of medical technology, millions of dollars are being spent on discovering innovative methods of treating fatal diseases such as stroke that may also result in temporary paralysis. Physiotherapy treatments aimed at restoring brain function in patients paralyzed following a stroke is subjective to the patient and does not guarantee complete rehabilitation. While many practitioners have attempted to employ complementary and alternative methods of treatment such as massage therapy, acupuncture therapy, siddha, and marma therapy, none of them proved to be equally as effective as physiotherapy. However, prior studies support the notion that aromatherapy used in combination with music therapy showed promising results. Aromatherapy, defined as using extracted oils from plants and herbs to naturally treat the body through oral or skin absorption, has been effective in halting the process of apoptosis, or programmed cell death in cells. The inhibition of apoptosis may be principal in delaying the degeneration of brain cells. Music therapy, on the other hand, uses a process known as entrainment to access a paralyzed brain for rhythmic perception. These two processes are connected through transduction, which elaborates the relationship between the olfactory and auditory system that improves the efficiency of memory retention through familiar scents and sounds. Using aromatherapy in combination with music therapy is more effective because it is a self-paced treatment that does not require the administration of a trained professional. This alternative treatment for paralyzed stroke patients will be applicable to the general public if administered in reasonable doses under appropriate conditions.

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Music, Aromatherapy, Stroke Rehabilitaion, Ayurvedic, Medicine, Biology, Health Science, Music


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Combination of Music and Aromatherapy to Improve the Efficiency of Motor Functions and Speech in Patients Paralyzed From Stroke.