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I address how anthropologists can identify the patterns and development of slavery and economic oppression through archaeology and the visualization of Virginia enslavement. I focus on the enslaved people of James Madison's Montpelier. I use 3D modeling as a foundation for integrating enhanced visuals with the goal of presenting a tangible understanding of the enslaved individuals in relation to the artifacts and history of the archaeological sites. I intend to show a common theme in economic oppression by comparing modern themes in slavery and examining Fraser D. Neiman's synthesis of the evolutionary perspective of slavery, and how little has changed in economic practices.

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Anthropology, Archaeology


Historical, Montpelier, Virginia, James Madison, Slavery, Economics, archaeology, dig, trafficking


American Material Culture | Archaeological Anthropology | Economic History | Labor History | Other Anthropology | Other History | Other History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Social and Cultural Anthropology

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Dr. Bernard K. Means


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Patterns of Enslavement and Economic Oppression of Central Virginia