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Background: Previous studies have investigated the relationship between the content of advertisements and the effect it has on viewers’ engagement and retention. Seno and Lukas (2007) looked into this phenomenon and stated, “research has found that celebrities are more effective than other types of endorsers” (p. 121). Another study by Tantiseneepong, Gorton, and White (2012) found that celebrity endorsers “can improve the effectiveness of marketing communications, by enhancing a product’s image, attracting attention and improving recall rates” (p. 57).

Research Questions:This research addresses relationships with having a celebrity in a B2B advertisement. This study sought to answer the following questions: a) How does the usage of a celebrity in a B2B advertisement affect visual fixation? b) How does the usage of a celebrity in a B2B advertisement affect retention of product information presented in the advertisement?

Methods: The eye-tracking data was collected in the Customer Experience Lab (a School of Business behavioral research lab featuring two eye-tracking stations). The participants for this research were 37 qualified business managers. This was a between subjects experimental design in which one cell was shown a shredder advertisement featuring a celebrity and the other cell was shown a shredder advertisement with a stock photo model. After viewing their respective advertisements, participants completed a short survey to evaluate their experience.

Conclusion: In general, the results indicate that the usage of a celebrity brings greater attention to the advertisement. The data shows that participants spend more time looking at the advertisement with the celebrity in comparison to the advertisement with the stock photo model. Retention of product information included in the advertisement is greater when a celebrity is not present in the advertisement.


Diana Seno, Bryan A. Lukas,(2007) "The equity effect of product endorsement by celebrities: A conceptual framework from a co‐branding perspective", European Journal of Marketing,Vol. 41Issue: 1/2, pp.121-134,

Nisachon Tantiseneepong, Matthew Gorton, John White,(2012) "Evaluating responses to celebrity endorsements using projective techniques", Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal,Vol. 15Issue: 1, pp.57-69,

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Does The Rock Really Rock? The effects of using a celebrity in a B2B advertisement.

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