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Assessing Sexual Differences with the Decision to Remain a Virgin

Jessica Del Rossi, Depts. of Biology and Sociology, with Dr. Claire Kimberly, Dept. of Internal Medicine, VCU School of Medicine

In the transition to adulthood, the loss of virginity can be seen as an important step in personal development. The first sexual experience someone encounters is often memorable with a positive or negative interaction impacting sexual satisfaction and sexual communication in the future. People have different definitions of virginity which can lead to miscommunication in personal relationships, research and/or a therapy setting. People may remain a virgin till marriage due to religious convictions and gender differences. Data was collected from 531 adults through Qualtrics and included questions about demographics, definition of virginity, and sexual satisfaction/communication. Respondents included 62.9% of the people thought at one point in their life they would remain a virgin until marriage while 36.9% reported that they did not. Average responses for sexual communication and satisfaction were reviewed by whether or not the individual decided at some point to be a virgin and demographics. Notable gender differences were found with men who decided not to be a virgin at one point in their life having higher sexual communication when compared to women who had decided not to remain a virgin. However, women who decided to be a virgin at one point had higher sexual satisfaction later on when compared to men and women who did not decide to be a virgin at one point in their lives. In regards to interest in religion, people that stated that religion was unimportant and had not decided to be a virgin had higher sexual satisfaction later on then people who thought religion was important and had decided to be a virgin. The results have the potential to help people in research, education, and therapy. Specifically, it can supplement the knowledge about gender differences and religion when it comes to virginity loss and how it might impact current relationships.

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Claire Kimberly, Ph.D.


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Assessing Sexual Differences with the Decision to Remain a Virgin