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The Socioeconomic Barriers and Policy Barriers to Refugee Health

Matt Tessema, Dept. of Journalism, with Dr. Dina Garcia, Dept. of Health Behavior and Policy

There are multiple barriers that make it difficult for refugees to get adequate healthcare and among their largest barriers is meeting their oral health needs. The goal of this study is to figure out what those barriers are, whether it is financial or educational, and how to address it. This will be determined through the use of qualitative data from our semi-structured interview questionnaire. Those that will be interviewed include the health liaisons of refugee camps and the refugees themselves. The subjects will come from the surrounding refugee resettlement camps in the Richmond, VA area. The questions will aim to identify the refugee oral health care habit and their concerns gauging how much knowledge they have around oral health. These interviews will be audiotaped. We will then qualitatively analyze our data.

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Dina Garcia, Ph.D.


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The Socioeconomic and Policy Barriers to Refugee Health