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A Beta-Testing of an Intervention Workbook to Promote Humility Fatima Barghamadi and Caroline Lavelock Abstract Background: Humility is a virtue that minimizes the importance of the self in the interest of others. It has been associated with a host of benefits, including better self-rated physical health, better relationship quality, higher academic performance, higher patience and empathy, and higher ratings of job performance (Davis et al., 2013; Krause, 2010; Peters, Rowatt, & Johnson, 2011). Lavelock et al. (under review) tested a workbook intervention to promote humility, and in its inaugural efficacy study, this workbook promoted trait humility in its participants over and above alternative virtue workbooks, a positivity workbook, and a non-action control group. Objective: The present study seeks to replicate the results of Lavelock et al. (under review) with an updated version of the same humility workbook intervention. We hypothesized that this 8-hour self-directed workbook would produce higher levels of trait humility than in positivity workbook or a non-action control condition. Method: Participants (N = 72) completed a workbook intended to promote humility (n = 24) or enhance general positivity (n = 24), or they were assigned to a non-action control condition (n = 24). Assessment occasions occurred at pre-test and two-week follow-up. Results: The humility workbook did indeed significantly increase trait humility between pre-test and follow-up. Participants in the positivity and non-action control condition participants did not improve in trait humility. Conclusion: We conclude that this workbook intervention to promote humility appears efficacious in its beta-testing. Keywords: virtues, interventions, workbooks, humility, positivity

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Beta-Testing of an Intervention Workbook to Promote Humility