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Over the last few decades, advertisements have objectified and sexualized women as a tactic to attract men into supporting causes and buying products. This research project focuses on the advertisements published by the animal rights group, PETA, People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals, and its deliberate use of degrading images of women to support its cause. PETA advertisements juxtapose barely clad women with animals or animal references, making the viewer see women as animalistic, out of control, and in need of taming or saving. Research shows that the results of such negative advertising tactics are correlated with increased aggression in male viewers, as well as increased acceptance of rape attitudes among men. Sexualized and objectified images take away from the purpose of the animal rights movement, making the audience reluctant to support the cause. Furthermore, these advertisements seriously jeopardize and undermine the women's fight for equality in our culture.

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English, Gender

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Bonnie Boaz


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PETA's Objectification of Women