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The Disney princess film franchise has become a very popular topic within the last decade where parents and researchers argue that the females and their lives in the films are portrayed in an idealized manor that teach children incorrect standards about life. The research focuses on how the princess industry, which was created and expanded by Disney princess films, is an exponentially growing business that more and more children are being raised on during their prime developmental years. The Disney princess films consist of similar storylines: the princess and evil stepmother having a conflict, the prince sweeping the princess away, and everything ending with a happily ever after. Through this repetition, children pick up concepts, such as waiting for their prince charming or needing to be a perfect, loving princess for a boy, that may work as a reality in the films, but create false ideals in the real world. The research analyzes scholarly articles and personal observations done while working at a preschool to deliberate the affects that Disney princess films have on young girl’s relationships. Specifically on how the films teach girls wrong ideals about relationships with boys and women, and how these films affect the way girls treat each other.

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Relationships Taught By Disney Princesses