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This research paper is about the small tribe of Berawan people, a subgroup of Kenyah, of Borneo, Indonesia. The Berawans live in an egalitarian and agricultural society in the rainforest very similar to the tribes they are derived from. These people have a distinct way of treating their dead that generations of people around the world have been intrigued by. Their treatment of the dead consists of "secondary treatment" or secondary burial of the body where the body is first placed in a clay jar on the corner of their slash-and-burn gardens to decompose into the earth; the second part of the burial occurs when the bones are dry and put into a decorative box/coffin for permanent burial with the ancestors. This poster will go over the death and burial practices and rituals of the Berawan people and briefly compare them to those of neighboring tribes.

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The Death and Burial Practices of the Berawan