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v.8:no.10 (1979:Mar. 13)



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Vol. 1 (May 1972)-v.17,no.2 (Aug. 24, 1988)


VCU Today, the University’s first official administrative organ, began as a somewhat irregular monthly publication but moved to a bi-weekly newspaper format in the 1980s. The newspaper changed its name to VCU Voice in 1988 and ten years later it appeared under the title UniverCity News. As it neared the end of its run as a physical newspaper, the publication became simply VCU News. These four publications were essentially the same periodical published under different titles by the Office of University Relations. VCU News appeared online for the first time in 2002.


Special issues for parents published [1977-1979]. Issues were undated but numbered vol. 7A, 8A, 9A corresponding to the regular volume numbering for the student paper.


News. Reliable sources report that Virginia Commonwealth University has quietly added to its curriculum more graduate than undergraduate programs. While still unconfirmed, official spokesperson from the university president's office did not deny the allegations, even in light of undergraduate protests, faculty demands for increased salaries due to expand self-images, and governmental investigations threatened by academic research. The blue ribbon commission report accuses the university of insensitivity to the needs of prospective undergraduates and insulting the bachelor's degree by further minimizing its importance in an age of Ph.D. plumbers and house painters. The report goes on to accuse the allegedly liberal university of graduate study expansion because of internal feminist demands that bachelors is a form of sexist language. The public relations officer confirmed that of its 148 degree programs, only 68 are readily referred to by the university as undergraduate. Under pressure from journalists he disclosed that there are three first-professional degrees, 61 master's, and 16 Ph.D.'s. An out-of-state and therefore unbiased accounting firm has been brought in to tally the number of advanced degree programs. A few sources in the university itself suspect the reports will be upheld. If so, whatever the mixed emotions of surprise or disbelief, it is expected the citizens of the commonwealth will take to the streets demonstrating support of, or disappointment in VCU's bold move into graduate level education.

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Original text: VCU today, v.8:no.10 (1979:Mar. 13), Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, Virginia Commonwealth University.

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VCU today (1979-03-13)



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