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Virginia Commonwealth University. Office of University Relations/Publications

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v.8:no.12 (1979:Apr. 10)



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Vol. 1 (May 1972)-v.17,no.2 (Aug. 24, 1988)


VCU Today, the University’s first official administrative organ, began as a somewhat irregular monthly publication but moved to a bi-weekly newspaper format in the 1980s. The newspaper changed its name to VCU Voice in 1988 and ten years later it appeared under the title UniverCity News. As it neared the end of its run as a physical newspaper, the publication became simply VCU News. These four publications were essentially the same periodical published under different titles by the Office of University Relations. VCU News appeared online for the first time in 2002.


Special issues for parents published [1977-1979]. Issues were undated but numbered vol. 7A, 8A, 9A corresponding to the regular volume numbering for the student paper.


There are some lonely hearts at VCU. Sixteen of them in fact. Programs which have nothing in common with anybody else in all of Virginia. It's nice to be unique, but lonely too? After all, being one of a kind sure cuts down on your chances for interaction. As a result, VCU's unique programs are announcing the formation of a lonely hearts club. Instead of being viewed as rare birds, they'd just like the chance to communicate with some other programs that recognize the strain of being pacesetters-always on display, never just one of the crowd. Exerting its weight as an entire school, dentistry decided to head up the lonely hearts movement. The master's degree in social work was quick to join, as was the health care management and hospital administration. Fashion and interior design added style, while gerontology lended the club the dignity that comes with age. Administration of justice and public safety was elected sergeant of arms while clinical psychology was asked to use the gentle art of persuasion in membership drives. Those to be solicited in the coming months include pathology, pharmacy, pharmaceutics, physical therapy, rehabilitation counseling, pharmaceutical chemistry, applied physics, medical technology, medical record administration, biochemistry, biophysics, and human genetics. After all, being the best and only in the state, one needs fall the relaxation one can get.

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Original text: VCU today, v.8:no.12 (1979:Apr. 10), Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, Virginia Commonwealth University.

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VCU today (1979-04-10)



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