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Research Report

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May 2017


The purpose of the Artfulness Initiative is to help its users bring their minds back into the present through the use of arts-based practices as a way to reduce stress and burnout. In a nutshell, the Artfulness Initiative is website that houses a series of process-oriented art practices meant to help adults focus less on the stress of yesterday and tomorrow and focus more on being in the now. It’s important to note that the art process is more important than the product, and that no artistic aptitude or experience is required. The Artfulness website, which was built by ALTLab on Rampages, is accessible to anyone with or without affiliation with VCU; however, the Artfulness Initiative is meant to be advertised to and piloted by VCU faculty and staff. In time the Artfulness Initiative can be implemented by community organizations, such as Boys and Girls Clubs or the Richmond Peace Education Center; in educational settings both within VCU through course offerings, and outside VCU, such as arts, mentorship, or after-school programs in K-12 public schools; and in community college programs and courses, or continuing education programs. Through the Artfulness Initiative, VCU is poised to develop and pilot an online modular curriculum in mindfulness through the arts.

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