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Research Report

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May 2017


This project would be one dimension of a larger initiative to fully integrate the campuses. The idea is to establish a program to link the campuses through networking opportunities where faculty, staff and students are encouraged to develop "friendships" throughout the two campuses. The project would be launched on a select key date; i.e., anniversary date of VCU (or other important date), by the formation of a human chain connecting the two campuses between Broad and Belvidere Streets and Sanger Hall, about 1.2 miles of people committed to the cause. This would be a major campaign for VCU with the potential for positive visibility. (The campaign would be an important marker in the history of VCU’s progress and require senior level commitment for program development and funding for memorabilia (t-shirts, lanyards, etc.) and the cost of marketing. (Of important note is the fact that the team would also be tasked with defining the context of friendship in this project. Further, the group would want to explore friendship is the outcome of the project that fosters integration/connections between the people on the two campuses.)

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