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Research Report

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May 2017


House Bill 9 was introduced by Delegate Mark L. Cole (R – House District 88 – Fredericksburg) as chief patron with support from co-patron Delegate Charles D. Poindexter (R – House District 9 – Glade Hill). The bill states that a voter who is unable to present one of the forms of ID may sign a sworn statement that he/she is the named registered voter he/she claims to be and then be allowed to vote a provisional ballot. The current law allows such a voter to cast an official ballot rather than a provisional one after signing such statement. We will attempt to show, through careful research, the adverse impact of the passage of this Bill has across racial lines. Whether or not this factor was known at the time of proposal, its passage is sure to make the basic right and civic duty of voting a bit more difficult for a wide swath of the Virginia populace is disproportionately a part of the minority class. We intend to make the argument that current and future legislation in the Commonwealth should take into account the impact it has on minority communities to make sure that they neither limit nor discourage participation in this democracy.

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