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Research Report

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May 2017


National and local surveys (e.g., COACHE, 2010; VCU Great Place Initiative, 2013) suggest that a primary reason for workplace dissatisfaction among faculty and staff is lack of adequate mentorship. Evidence also suggests that mentoring programs improve recruitment and retention of underrepresented faculty and staff (e.g., Daley, Wingard, & Reznik, 2006). VCU and VCU Health currently have decentralized and isolated mentoring programs across campuses: a centralized mentoring program accessible to all employees does not exist to address faculty and staff professional development and networking needs. Our project sought to fill this gap. Specifically, we proposed to develop an online database designed to match mentors with mentees based on multiple criteria. Our goal was to address faculty and staff mentoring and professional development needs as a means to build a culture of connection to promote retention of employees.

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