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Vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 19, 1969)-

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SUMMERTIME ... and the living is easy! -- Inside: News: Dr. T. Edward Temple was recently named president of the university by the university Board of Visitors. The TIMES held an interview with Temple in early June -- Travel: Our roving reporter, Koz-Mik Funkke, went on a trip to the beach towards the end of May and came up with an interesting story about life (or the lack of it) down in the Tidewater area. In Fear and lemmings on the coastal highways: a mad dash in search of the Real Thing, Funkke reports on his travels. -- Entertainment: Entertainment in the Fan District is the feature of the issue, and can be found in the center of the paper. Our man Vinyl Bob went traipsing around the Fan last week and he tells all in his story. We've also got a guide to Fan entertainment, as well as a special section on the radio and TV in Richmond. -- Theatre: FANFARE '75 opens June 19 with a presentation of The Effect of Gamma RAys on the Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds. In a special report prepared by Karen Sheridan, the play is reviewed, as well as offering some insight into future FANFARE productions. -- Sports: Coach Chuck Noe discusses the future of the athletic department for the coming year. Noe also makes some comments about Title 9, which was recently passed on a national level, making sex discrimination in athletics illegal.

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Virginia Commonwealth University. 1969. Commonwealth times. Richmond, Va: Virginia Commonwealth University

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Commonwealth Times 1975-06-14 Summer Journal



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