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Doctor of Education Capstone

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June 2022



This study investigated the impact of CodeVA’s elementary coach’s academy (ECA) on computer science implementation in elementary schools across the state of Virginia. The research took a multimethod qualitative and quantitative approach through surveys, focus groups, interviews and observations of ECA coaches and participants, along with the analysis of historical data provided by CodeVA. The capstone research questions were: “What is the impact of the elementary coaches academy?” and “What impacts the effectiveness of CodeVA’s elementary coaches academy?” In general, the data collected suggested that CodeVA has been effective in reaching its intended audience and meeting the needs of cohort participants, but there is still room for improvement. The review of the data resulted in five overarching anchors being identified that produced the following recommendations: “ use evidenced based coaching models to increase impact”; “utilize adult learning principles to create specific professional development”; “create a more structured professional learning community for ECA”; “improve advanced communication of ECA professional development opportunities” and “create a cache of resources to improve outside access to information for facilitators and coaches of the ECA”

Keywords: CodeVA, computer science, elementary coaches academy


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