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Master of Fine Arts



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William Hammersley


This work is the result of an exploration into the relationship of form and pattern. Its inspiration began as an experiment where certain two dimensional graphical patterns were interpreted as three dimensional elements in a lattice-like assembly. The resulting compositions are built entirely of MDF, and each piece is made from multiple copies of one or two identically shaped parts that are joined with shallow grooves. Some of the pieces resemble Asian architectural lattices as well as the scientific models of molecules in crystals. Often, the flat components seem to undulate in space or twist into impossible shapes. Although the various compositions appear dissimilar, the differences are a result of only minor changes to the individual parts that comprise them. Therefore, the work is metaphorically analogous to other complex systems made from simple components such as the structure of matter, the organization of cells, or primordial life in general.


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May 2009

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