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Master of Fine Arts



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Noreen Barnes


Video games are becoming the fastest growing and most lucrative form of entertainment across the globe. The goal of this project was to take gaming to the next level; to the theatre. I have devised an original piece of theatre using the CIC’s of video gaming: Creativity, Interaction, and Community and put on a production from members of the VCU community. Aside from the project, I have detailed why video games are growing in popularity at an alarming rate and why they belong in the category of ‘Art.’ With new technology and new stories being told, the gaming industry is now an entertainment force to be counted. The project was exposed to the VCU community involving gamers from many different areas of study through theatre as our medium allowing us to convey our thoughts, emotions, and message to an audience. This experimental project is an exploration into bridging the world of gaming into the laps of an awaiting audience.


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May 2011