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Victoria Shivy


We explored the relations among relational victimization and career-related variables in a sample of 174 non-violent female felony offenders residing in a community corrections residential facility. Archival data was used from a larger career-related reentry program that represented a joint effort between investigators at the VCU Department of Psychology and staff from the Virginia Department of Correctional Education. Data analyses focused on the association between (a) recent experiences of relational victimization and (b) career aspiration complexity code, (c) career aspirations towards or away from socially-oriented careers, (d) perceived occupational barriers, and (e) career decision-making self-efficacy. Hypothesized associations among this set of variables were not seen in the data; however, offenders’ aspirations appeared to deviate from established norms. Implications for female offenders reentering the workforce were discussed.


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May 2013

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